Access Patient Reports

This article describes how to find and download patient reports from the OvDx Portal.  If you need to learn how to place orders in the OvDx Portal, please reference our Online Ordering Quick Guide or Online Ordering Full Guide.  The following sections are contained in this article:

Note: This article contains sample data for demonstration and discussion purposes only

Report Ready Notifications

Provider Contacts (if set as “Primary Contact”) will receive an email notification with a link to visit the portal when patient reports are signed and ready to download. 

Tip: To set up your email notifications see Portal User Settings

Click on the “Visit portal” link in the email, or navigate directly to the portal at

Note: The OvDx Portal works with most web browsers. Internet Explorer may require some configuration (see Portal Access from Internet Explorer)

Locate Orders

The Orders Page will display upon login. Use the search filters and sort columns to locate orders. For example:

  • Search by patient first name, last name, or date of birth
  • Sort by date submitted, sample received date, or overall result (COVID-19 only)
  • Filter by provider account, provider, provider rep, or provider NPI number 
  • Filter by order status

Tip: Clicking a column header twice will switch results to display from greatest to least or Z to A

Note: Only COVID-19 reports can be sorted by Overall Result. If you don't see the Overall Result column for COVID-19 reporting, contact the laboratory to get this feature enabled. OvDx LIMS users, please refer to the Display Preferences article to change your settings and enable the Show Overall Test Results in your OvDx Portal

Definitions of Order Status

  • Draft = An order has been started, but not submitted
  • Received = An order and sample have been received
  • Held = An order has been received, but is being held (usually pending receipt of the sample)
  • Processing = A sample has been added to a workflow and is undergoing laboratory testing
  • Complete = A report has been signed and is available for download
  • Delivered = A report has been downloaded
  • Delivered* =  A previously-downloaded report has been corrected and is available for download
  • Canceled = An order has been canceled

View Reports

Orders with a “Download Document” icon have available report(s): 

  • Green Download Document Icon = report has complete status, and has not been downloaded
  • Gray Download Document Icon = report has been downloaded previously

Download an Individual Report

1. Click the download document icon next to the Order Identifier (ID) 

2. Click the report file name (.pdf) to open the Reports tab for that Order

3. Click the Download/Print button to save or print the report

Download Multiple Reports in Bulk

1. Click the Status dropdown menu and select “Complete,” “Delivered,” or “Delivered*.” 

2. Select the Reports you wish to download

     A. Download ALL available reports: Click the top left checkbox to select all filtered reports


B. Select MULTIPLE, INDIVIDUAL available reports: Click the checkbox next to the Green Download Document Icon for all records you wish to download

Note: Clicking the top left checkbox will select all filtered reports that are available to download, even if they are not displayed on the first page

3. Click the “Download ‘x’ Reports” button in the top-right corner to download a .zip folder that will contain each report as an individual PDF

Report Contents

Report contents are determined by the diagnostic laboratory and their report generation software: Ovation or a 3rd Party. Below, the components of Ovation Reports are identified on an example COVID-19 Report

Note: QR codes can be displayed on Ovation COVID-19 and Infectious Disease Reports with COVID-19. The QR Codes display the report when scanned

Combine Downloaded Reports to Print

Downloaded Reports can be combined to print in bulk. The process to combine depends on which operating system you are using: Windows or Mac

For Windows Users

Windows users will need to use a 3rd party application to combine PDFs and print. Please consult your 3rd party application for specific instructions on how to combine pdf documents. Below is an example for how to combine using Adobe Acrobat (*requires the paid/pro version of Acrobat)

  • In Adobe Acrobat, use the “Combine Files*” option in the Tools menu to make a single PDF containing each individual report. When the single PDF is printed, all individual reports will print on separate pages.

For Mac Users

Use the following steps to combine multiple downloaded reports for printing:

  • Highlight all of the reports you wish to print, select “Quick Actions” > “Create PDF.”. This will make a single PDF containing each individual report. When the single PDF is printed, all individual reports will print on separate pages.

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